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IRS Representation

Costen Tax Group provides IRS resolution and tax services to small businesses and individuals. Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of taxpayers resolve their IRS and state issues. We are trained professionals who will handle your case with honesty and integrity.

We are Enrolled Agents (EA).  EAs are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Release & Prevent Levies

The dreaded notice has come! The IRS is threatening to levy or they have begun garnishing your wages or bank accounts. We can remove or prevent levies from occurring and develop a resolution that will give you a peace of mind.

IRS Liens

A tax lien can be difficult if you want to sell or purchase a house. A tax lien will impact your credit score.

Negotiate Installment Agreement

Fear prevents us from dealing with the issues, but there are payment plan options available:

  1. Financial Hardship – You may qualify for Currently not Collectible Status

  2. Partial Payment

  3. Graduated payments over time

Offer in Compromise
CTG 20 yrs.png

Perhaps you prematurely withdrew money from your 401K or received 1099’s in the past. However, your situation has changed and you no longer have the means to pay the IRS. We can analyze your case and determine if it meets the IRS criteria for an offer to settles for less

File Back Taxes

Don’t be afraid to file those back tax returns. You may discover you are due a refund Perhaps it is not as bad as you thought.  It is a crime to not file but not a crime to owe. If you cannot find your old tax records, we can obtain your wage and income statements from the IRS and file those back tax returns.

File Back Corporate & Partnership Tax Returns

We are accountants too. We can prepare your profit and loss statements and file those business tax returns.

File Back Payroll Reports

Payroll tax issues are difficult because the owners or personally liable for the taxes, even if the business closes. However, options are available.  We can initiate a resolution.

What we can do for you:
  • Assess your situation

  • Provide a competent and industry tested professional to handle your case

  • Development and implementation of a plan of action based upon remedies allowed by the IRS and state

  • Consult on current and future strategies that will reduce the likelihood of a recurring event

  • Development of tax strategies to minimize future tax liabilities

We do not want you to continue to have IRS issues once your case has been resolved. We pledge to monitor your progress and develop a plan to help you  maintain compliance.

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